Self-Esteem and Learning

We believe in performance as a vehicle to increase self-esteem and learning..Some schools offer one year end recital, while others only offer an in-class parents visiting day. Students at American Youth Dance Theater, ages 3½ and up have the opportunity to perform in two theatrical productions every year, and we offer parents two in class visiting days per school year for students to demonstrate their increasing vocabulary of technical skills. We believe that there is no greater learning tool than working towards performances on an ongoing basis. It helps students to directly apply new skills they have learned in class, and keeps them excited about their dancing, not to mention its’ benefit for promoting teamwork among classmates.

Stage Fright? No worries! We have had many students who are a bit shy to get on stage. No child is forced to perform if they don’t want to – but we have had the pleasure of seeing many students overcome their stage fright and become strong and confident performers – a skill which will be helpful to them throughout their lives. Students feel great when they can get on stage and show their families, friends and peers how much they have learned and accomplished. For the teachers it is rewarding to see how much our students love to perform, and it is especially gratifying to see students continue to blossom and gain self-confidence through each performance.