Rules and Policies


  • I understand that dancing is an enjoyable form of exercise, which among many benefits promotes good posture, flexibility, strength, and agility. I also understand that, as in any physical activity, there naturally exists the risk of injury. Upon signing this registration form, I agree that neither American Youth Dance Theater, Inc. (AYDT) nor its agents or employees will be held responsible in the event of an injury.
  • I certify that my child has no condition that, in the exercise of reasonable prudence, would prohibit full participation in activities at AYDT. I agree to inform instructors of any physical or developmental needs that may require special attention. I assume all ordinary risks for my child’s participation in dance classes and hereby release American Youth Dance Theater, Inc. and its agents and employees, from all liability for any injury, damage, or loss suffered in connection with said use of the aforementioned facility and its equipment.
  • In case of an emergency and I cannot be reached, I authorize AYDT personnel to contact and secure, if necessary, medical attention for my child. I also certify that my child has health insurance.
  • I am aware that dance education at times requires “hands-on training” in which instructors will gently touch a child’s body to explain proper alignment, positioning, or engagement of their muscles.
  • I understand that young children who may need assistance in the restroom must have a parent or guardian remain on premises during class. If no adult remains on the premises, I authorize AYDT personnel to assist my child in using the restroom if needed.
  • I understand that I am responsible for the supervision of my child prior to and after class.
  • I agree to pick my child up promptly after class and advise administrative staff if someone else will be picking him/her up.
  • I hereby give my permission to American Youth Dance Theater, Inc. to photograph, film, videotape and/or make sound recordings of my child, to quote or publish statements of my child and to use such photographs, films, videotapes, sound recordings and/or other statements in educational and promotional/advertising materials for American Youth Dance Theater. Inc. and for other purposes specified below. I understand that my child may be identified in any photographs, news stories, or publications that American Youth Dance Theater, Inc. considers appropriate for release to magazines, newspapers, its worldwide website, and/or other publications. I further understand that any such photographs, films, videotapes, sound recordings, and/or written works are the property of American Youth Dance Theater, Inc. and that neither my child nor I am entitled to any compensation for or rights in these materials. I release American Youth Dance Theater, Inc. from all liability with respect to the matters covered by this release.
  • I understand that AYDT does not prohibit parents and guardians from taking their own photographs and making their own audio-visual and sound recordings of their children in classes or at recitals. I understand that AYDT has no control over the use of these materials by parents and guardians or others. I release AYDT from all liability with respect to the use of these materials created and distributed by parents and guardians or others.


  • AYDT does not issue drop-out tuition refunds after the 2nd week of Fall or Spring sessions and after the 1st week of Summer sessions. If drop-out occurs before the above specified week, 25% of tuition will be retained by AYDT. Dancewear which has been worn cannot be returned. AYDT reserves the right to cancel classes due to low registration. In the unlikely event that a class is canceled, every effort will be made to switch the student to an alternative class. If not possible, tuition will be refunded pro-rata.


  • AYDT may be excused from performing its obligations immediately and without prior notice during periods that AYDT is unable to provide its services in a customary manner because of force majeure events including, but not limited to, fire, flood, storm, the act of God, failure of utilities, war, terrorism, civil unrest, government law, regulation, order, or other action, epidemic, pandemic, restrictions on travel or assembly, or any other event or condition beyond AYDT’s control. AYDT shall be excused for the duration of such event or condition and an additional five (5) days thereafter and shall resume only if AYDT deems the resumption of services to be safe for AYDT staff and students.
  • AYDT may transition to an online remote learning platform in lieu of in-person classes.
  • No force majeure event will be the basis for a tuition refund or credit.


  • Please be aware that a long, steep staircase leads to our second-floor lobby which should be ascended and descended slowly and carefully while holding the handrails. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times.
  • Entrances and exits must remain clear. Strollers must be folded and left in the designated areas. Unfolded strollers must be left on the sidewalk at your own risk. Any strollers left unfolded inside the premises will be placed on the sidewalk by AYDT staff.
  • Student’s belongings may be left in dressing rooms. Keep valuables with you. AYDT is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • AYDT’s calendar is loosely based on the NYC public school calendar. Our spring break usually coincides with Easter and Passover. If your child attends a private school whose vacations differ from AYDT’s and they are absent on a day that AYDT classes are in session, he/she will be marked absent.
  • Make-up classes are allowed when AYDT is closed for school holidays or inclement weather. Up to 3 illness-related make-ups are allowed per 18-week session, 2 for 9-week sessions. Make -up classes must be scheduled with our administrative staff and be done within the session of the child’s absence in the same level class, or in a class one level below. Students may take an age-appropriate class in a different discipline in lieu of makeup for a class which is only offered once during the week.
  • Students planning to be in the recital may miss no more than 3 classes in the fall semester or 4 classes in the spring semester.
  • Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy but DO NOT negate absences. In order to participate in the recital, students who miss more than the allowed number of absences must schedule a private with their teacher, at student’s expense. The maximum number of absences a child may have and still participate in the recital by taking additional private classes is 5 in the fall and 6 in the spring. The recital is a group effort and students whose attendance is not consistent affects the recital preparation process for the whole class. After the maximum number of absences in a semester, the student will not be allowed to participate in the recital regardless of how many private classes he/she might take.
  • Tuition will not be prorated due to absences. Classes missed due to late registration will be prorated only after the 3rd week of the semester (based on class availability). Students who miss the 1st or 2nd week of classes may use their make-up classes to catch up.
  • Students registering late or mid-year may require 1-2 privates to catch up on missed material, decided at the instructor’s discretion.
  • If fewer than 3 students show up for a class on a given day, the class length may be shortened at the teacher’s discretion.
  • In the event of a teacher’s absence, AYDT will do everything possible to provide a substitute teacher. In the event of an emergency in which a substitute cannot be found, AYDT will combine classes or arrange a make-up class.
  • Make-up classes are not offered during the last 2 weeks before the holiday and spring recitals and during parents’ visiting week.


  • Students are solely responsible for warming up, providing for adequate and safe space for practice in order to avoid accidents, dancing or exercising within your limits, and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath at any time while dancing or exercising, you should stop immediately. You hereby waive and agree not to make any claims against American Youth Dance Theater, Inc., or its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, or affiliates with respect to any physical injury or property damage arising out of dancing or exercising with or through a class conducted remotely online or by any other means now known or later developed.


  • Participation in the performance is a privilege reserved for students who have met attendance requirements and have exhibited good classroom behavior during the course of the semester.
  • Students MUST attend dress rehearsals to participate in performances. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • AYDT values fairness in casting based on multiple criteria including technical ability, work ethic and attendance, and strives to encourage teamwork among students. We do not tolerate rivalry between students or parents over casting and will absolutely not entertain complaints or discussions with parents concerning discontent with casting.
  • RECITAL TICKETS: Junior Recital Tickets are purchased through AYDT. Senior Recital tickets are purchased directly from The Kaye Playhouse box office.
  • Costumes are handed out approximately 1-2 weeks before the performance. Recital costume orders are placed at the beginning of each semester. Costumes are ordered a bit larger to leave room for growth.
  • Students who take 2 or more weekly classes may have to change costumes during performances in same gender dressing rooms, assisted by same gender AYDT staff. To ensure privacy and comfort, students changing costumes during a performance must wear a camisole strap leotard (girls) or undergarment (boys) in a nude color matching their skin tone under their costume, which remains on during costume changes.
  • AYDT reserves the right to reschedule or cancel performances. In the event of cancellation, all performance related fees (not including tuition) will be refunded.
  • We ask that any student who needs to drop out of the recital for any reason other than a last minute emergency, please notify AYDT no later than 4 weeks before the performance.


  • AYDT Policies & Agreements, dress code, and school calendar are available on our website. Recital information is emailed.
  • Please observe the proper Dress/Hair Code. No costumes, tutus, dress-up clothes, or street shoes. Do not wear dance shoes outside.
  • Students should use the bathroom before class. No changing in the bathrooms except when a parent or caregiver must assist a young child of the opposite gender. No opposite gender parents or caregivers are allowed in dressing rooms.
  • Please don’t linger in front of classroom doors as it is disruptive to classes and causes crowding of hallways. Parents visiting week for the fall and spring semester will be dependent on COVID regulations.