Hip Hop

Ages 4-Teens

High energy dance to popular music. This class is a great strength-building and cardio workout that includes warm-up, stretching and building a vocabulary of steps and combinations. All music and movement is age-appropriate. All classes perform in our Holiday and Spring Recitals.

Hip Hop Intro       Pre-K4 & Kindergarten. Must be at least 4 years old by September.
Hip Hop 1  Open to students in grades 1 & 2.
Hip Hop 2       Open to students in grades 3 & 4.
Hip Hop 3Open to students in grades 5 – 7.
Open Level Hip Hop 4
Open to students in grades 7-9, no prior training required
Open Level Hip Hop 5
Open to students in grades 10-12, no prior training required
Hip Hop 4*Open to students in grades 7 – 9
Hip Hop 5*Open to students in grades 10 – 12
Intermediate Hip Hop*For serious and committed upper level students who have achieved high levels of technique, style and musicality.  Placement is by faculty recommendation only.  This level requires two classes a week.  Additional class may be in any discipline.
Boys’ Hip Hop/Breakdance 1 & 2Two levels of high energy dance, taught by a male teacher, for boys ages 6-9 and 10 and up.

NOTE FOR ALL PROGRAMS: Foundational Level classes are based on age and are open to beginners as well as students who have had some previous training. New students, please contact us for placement. All of our classes are open to girls and boys. We have special classes just for boys in our Hip Hop program.

*Placement is higher level classes is by teacher recommendation or audition.