Art In Motion


AGES 6.5 – 10

Monday through Thursday, 9am – 3pm; Friday, 9am – noon

Art at the Art Center from 9am – 12:30pm & Dance at AYDT from 12:30pm – 3pm

Painting • Drawing • Sculpture

Broadway Jazz • Hip Hop • Drama • Dance Appreciation through Video

Art in Motion is a Studio Art & Performing Arts summer camp option for children, in cooperation with The Art Center right across the street. For your convenience we’re offering camp for one week at a time. Come for one week, or two, or the whole summer; just pick and choose the weeks that best suit your family’s schedule.

Campers spend the morning at The Art Center where they make a variety of exciting art projects in many visual art forms. Campers have lunch (bring your own, NOTHING WITH NUTS, PLEASE) and at 12:30 the students go to the AYDT studio where a  Broadway musical of the week influences each day with a 30 minute video of the theme and two one hour classes. Every week campers showcase their art projects and perform the dances they learned, along with their own choreographed dances on Thursday, 10 minutes before pick-up! The half-day on Friday is devoted solely to art at The Art Center.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Art in Motion Weekly Schedule

Week 1: June 22 — July 25, July 26 @ The Art Center

Week 2: June 29 — July 2, July 3 @ The Art Center

Week 3: July 6 — July 9, July 10 @ The Art Center

Week 4: July 13 — July 16, July 17 @ The Art Center

Week 5: July 20 — July 23, July 24 @ The Art Center

Week 6: July 27 —July 30, July 31 @ The Art Center

Week 7: August 3 — August 6, August 7 @ The Art Center

Week 8: August 10 — August 13, August 14 @ The Art Center